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Vixen Online Services
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About Vixen Online Services


Make quality web sites affordable for anyone who wants one, especially small businesses.


Vixen Online Services is located in Clarksville, Indiana (near downtown Louisville, KY). The president, Melissa Allen, earned a degree in Internet Programming from Sullivan University in mid-2006. Melissa went on to teach herself such skills as Flash and PHP, which were not taught in college classes locally back then. In late 2006, Melissa started a web design company and operated it solo for over 7 years. She provided everything from web design & hosting to printing and product photography. Melissa handled all of the marketing, development, customer relations, and plain old grunt work.

Melissa helped her small business clients through the 2008 economic slump, and even expanded by taking on a business partner in 2014. She joined with Sadie August to form Vixen Online Services and greatly improved upon the quality of service that her clients have always relied on.

Sadie has over 14 years in the web design and tech industry including an extensive background in graphic and logo design. She is a highly experienced web based programmer specializing in PHP and MySQL. She has personally designed and deployed over 40 web sites before becoming Vixen's technical director. Sadie is also very knowledgeable of web site security and safe design practices. Her cutting-edge techniques ensure Google-friendly web sites that pop right off the screen.

Together Melissa and Sadie provide their clients with big company quality and a neighborly, small business feel. Melissa manages marketing, customer relations, SEO and printing. Sadie's focus is in web site development, data security and graphic design.

Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen, President

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